The winner of each regional competition goes forward to the GUILD OF BRICKLAYERS FINAL each year.



The Guild Of Bricklayers organise an Annual Conference when practicing bricklayers can attend and be brought up to date in their craft.


Master Certificate

The Master Bricklayer Certificate is now available, the criteria for submission and application form is available on the Guild of Bricklayers website.


Corporate Membership

Any Institution can apply to become a Corporate Member of the Guild of Bricklayers.


About Us

The Guild of Bricklayers was founded in 1932 with the aims of promoting and maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship in brickwork.

An Annual Guild of Bricklayers Conference is held where Practising bricklayers can attend and be brought up to date with their craft.

An annual conference report and journal are produced and circulated to the membership.

The Guild of Bricklayers is a national organisation divided into geographical regions where local competitions, visits lectures and other activities take place.

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